A Family Affair: TRICK O’ TREATS

A Family Affair: TRICK O’ TREATS
A sparkly little zebra ready for an afternoon of Halloween fun

With Spooky Pasoh going well into the wee hours of the morning, the first to show up to brunch were a few skeletons who never really left the bar from the night before (we promise the pictures below will explain). Spooky!

Brunch this past weekend was lively with lots of families embracing the Halloween spirit with their little ones in tow,  all dressed up and ready to participate in the various activities organised at The Club. The kids were incredibly excited as they had their faces painted with sparkly unicorns and other mythical creatures. They were also eager to get their hands into some arts and crafts as they modeled little paper mache pumpkins! The perfect souvenir to bring home.

With the kids fully occupied in The Analogue Room, the adults were able to focus on a different agenda at Popi’s. The drink of choice to kick-off Sunday Brunch seemed to be the Bloodymary, with a steady flow rolling out from behind the bar. A little hair of the dog action kept the party going late into the afternoon, truly an epic effort and turnout from our guests.

All the smiling faces were incredibly heartwarming and the mark of a successful Sunday Family Affair. A wholesome end to the weekend shenanigans.