A Poetry "Slam" with Daryl Lim

A Poetry "Slam" with Daryl Lim

We ask Daryl Lim to share with us 3 poems from his soon-to-be-launched anthology, Anything but Human—"a sensory playground for the overworked bourgeoisie, a zen retreat for production factors in a post-capitalist world, a city deconstructed that you will come to see anew." —review by Amanda Chong.

In an age of virtual and hybrid work formats, our team then came up with 10 prompts that we then threw back to Daryl as a a sort of Q&A exquisite corpse, and these are his responses:

Dyson isn't as much in Singapore as he used to be.
Chlorophyll almost rhymes with "horror-filled".
Rain Bath -- isn't actually something I have done? Normalise rain baths!
Macdonalds is a site of revelation and epiphanies.
Poetry is my Therapy.
Poodles are actually all robot soft toys.
Rage, rage against the dying of light.
A Bubble is a cursed word, especially if you're in the Ministry of Transport.
Plant-based Meat makes me wonder what a meat-based plant is. Probably Heston Blumethal's meat fruit.
Shakespeare still rocks.

If you enjoyed that, do join the launch of the book, together with the author, virtually this Friday, 3 Dec, 8.30—9.30pm.

The book is available at Kinokuniya, Times Book Store & Epigram.

Daryl Lim Wei Jie is a poet, writer and literary critic from Singapore. His first book of poetry is A Book fo Changes (2016). He is the co-editor of Food Republic: A Singapore Literary Banquet (2020), the first definitive anthology of literary food writing from Singapore. His latest collection of poetry is Anything but Human (2021). He was recently quoted in international media for his role in publicising how Elizabeth Haigh's cookbook Makan had plagiarised an earlier cookbook by Sharon Wee. His poems won him the Golden Point Award in English Poetry in 2015, awarded by the National Arts Council, Singapore.