An Audience with Callum Eade – the man who swam the English Channel

During April's Wellness month, we had the privilege of inviting Callum Eade, the man who swam the English Channel, to join us at the club for a chat with our members.

Callum Eade considers himself an “ordinary athlete” — albeit one who’s raced 30 half Ironman races and 16 Ironman distance races across every continent on the planet, including the holy grail ‘World Championship’ race in Hawaii.

After conquering the English Channel despite undergoing two heart procedures, as well as having battled testicular cancer, Callum shared with Mandala Club members how he overcame the hurdles and continues to pursue new heights such as his latest goal to swim the world’s toughest seven ocean channels.

Watch the video below for the inspirational session by Callum Eade: