Wellness: Creating Positivity

Wellness: Creating Positivity

Wellness Director Nathan Williams suggests 5 habits for a happier and more productive day.

5 ideas / habits to create positivity in our day

With the holiday season on the horizon, the prospect of travel back on the radar for many of us, (not to mention the new Gym at the club!) there’s good reason to be pretty pumped about the next few months.  

So you may already be feeling pretty chipper, but here’s five habits and ideas to get you into a mindset that will benefit you in ways you might never have considered:

1. Fitness

Of course this is my number one! I seem to say this to people all the time but there really is no better time to focus on your personal fitness. It's time to immerse yourself in something that is physically challenging which will force your body and mind to perform. "Challenging" can mean any number of thing:

- Complete a 30-day hot yoga challenge

- Run 5km a day,

- Walk 15-20,000 steps per day

Whatever your challenge is, make it daily, Make it achievable and just get going!

2. Try meditation

Whether a complete newcomer, or an experienced practitioner, we’ll be hosting regular meditation workshops in the Gym as part of our member programme. Meditation has shown to reduce stress, control anxiety, promote emotional health, enhances self-awareness, lengthen attention span. Sounds like a pretty good reason to get involved to me.

3. Hit the beach

Whether you’re headed off to a deserted beach this holiday season, or you’re staying put here in Singapore, the beach can offer an excellent environment to recuperate - so avoid using your phone and use the time to rest your eyes from screens if possible.

4. Eliminate that ONE thing you know is not good for you

On the whole we can all point to ‘that thing’. Be honest, acknowledge it, and try to eliminate it for 30 days.

- Gaining too much weight? Ease up on the bread and/or desserts this month

- Waking up feeling groggy? Ditch the alcohol and hit the water

- Can’t sleep? Cut down on your screen time, especially after dark

Eliminating these bad habits will give you more energy. We need more energy in our lives if we want to think positively and maintain good mental health and get through these mentally challenging times.

5. Call your family/friends more often

ET wouldn't shut up about calling home. We need to be more like ET! Admittedly, I am terrible at this and something I’m personally working on—calling home and talking to my family. The truth is that I always feel good afterwards. Call home more. Let’s face it...we need each more than ever :)

Drop by the gym and connect with Nathan to discuss your wellness plan. At the same time, discover The Gym in the Attic, which he’d be delighted to introduce to you.