Fireside CHIT CHAAT with Gaggan Anand

Fireside CHIT CHAAT with Gaggan Anand
Gaggan Anand

Last week, Gaggan Anand held his very first fireside chat, hosted by Mandala Club member, Tom Wright. Gaggan captivated the audience with a series of life philosophies and thought processes behind some of his best creations.

In this session, Gaggan Anand also revealed the extension of his residency at Mandala Club with his third and final menu – GAGGAN ANAND’S GREATEST featuring the best twenty dishes out of the five hundred during his twelve-year career. Just as the man himself assured, after this final series, you'll never again see these dishes in this format.

For members who have missed this session, we’ve rounded up 15 of Gaggan Anand’s most iconic lines:

  1. “The only thing that makes us human, apart from animals, is that we do not eat in aggression”
  2. “A part of me is extremely rebellious, when I say that, it’s not because I am, or how I look, it’s because I don’t know how to be in a society. I don’t belong here. And yet I’m creating this fine dining experience for people, who have fuck money. “
  3. “They have fuck money, they can buy me, my restaurant, everything, and still, they cannot buy an experience out of me”
  4. “ Fine dining is an experience. And when you call it F&B, food and beverage, it’s a personal experience, it’s a very analogue affair. It’s about that charismatic experience and I didn’t want to give up”
  5. “I knew how to change an ordinary onion into the most delicious onion of your life, and that was cooking, to change the fate of a banana and make it into a chicken liver. And look like a banana and the banana tastes like a chicken liver”
  6. “I know how to fuck around, I don’t know how to do simple food like with lobster, caviar, and uni”
  7. “And because of Singapore, in that two hours that we sold 8, 9 thousand tickets, I don’t know how the fuck they did it. That brought me back. It was my hope of survival, but the confidence was incredible that I could still sell my seats in Covid times, in a high price menu and do my fine dining, and not be bullied. And thank you Singapore for that, for giving us the confidence”
  8. “So I realised if I have 10 more years to cook, where do I cook? Where do I go? Do I go to Australia? I love it but taxes are high. Do I go to America? Because there, there’s  #AsianLivesMatter but I’m brown I’m not black so what the fuck? Brown lives matter? I won’t survive that. India? Okay God bless me, you know I’m running away from it. Thailand, I don’t think so.”
  9. “And from now onwards, my future is, that my name is Gaggan, which means clouds, clouds or sky in India. So I’m going to create a restaurant, which does not belong to a geographical destination”
  10. “ My first condition is, you cannot bring your wine. The only thing that you can bring is your wife”
  11. “That’s why we are scared about this self-sacrifice, I do not want to make that money. I can sell 70 seats lunch and 70 dinners. Why am I going to do 14 seats only? Think about it”
  12. “So it’s about, I don’t want money anymore, I want only honey”
  13. “I have an asylum of mad people. I want to be like Professor X and I don’t wanna be on a wheelchair. It’s almost like Professor X, I get those people that are unwanted.”
  14. “He’s the best sommelier, he has never got a sommelier cross-training, nothing. He has no allocations to show he’s a sommelier, but he will beat the fuck out of any sommelier in knowledge. That’s the talent I hire. I give people a choice in life, to live freely with freedom.”
  15. “Today, we live in a society where everything is judged. I like people not to be judged in a restaurant as my team."

Watch the video below for the full session of Gaggan Anand’s Fireside Chit Chaat