How to have a proper Power Lunch

How to have a proper Power Lunch

The term “Power Lunch” recently went out of trend, courtesy of the restrictions of the pandemic on human interaction. However as society resumes normality, the time has come to move past comfort wear and WFH, reactivate weekday social schedules, and get back to business. As such, Mandala Club has officially brought back the Power Lunch, a cross between food and business, and especially important to create more personal yet casual working relationships.

Before we jump to the menu, we’ve put together a short guide on how to have a proper Power Lunch – Mandala Club style:

  1. Make the invitation

The first step to any lunch is to invite them and make sure they are available. While most of us appreciate a free meal, many people, especially those in prominent roles, are wary of receiving such invitations as they do so on a regular basis. Therefore, always mention that you are willing to accommodate and see them at their office instead, should they prefer.

2. Always make a reservation

The last thing you want to do is to let your guests wait. So, always make a reservation in advance with your and your guest’s name, and let the restaurant know of any specific time restrictions, to allow the staff to pace the meal accordingly.

3. Let your guest go first

When your guest arrives, let him follow the service staff to the table while you bring up the rear. It’s always good to let your guest have first dibs on the seat choice. In the case where they hesitate, lead them to the better seat.

4. Order food that is easy to eat

With your guest, it's essential to make a good first impression. Hence, you should always order food that is easy to eat while engaging with your guest. A fillet of fish or steak is an ideal choice.

5. Wait for the right moment

It can be tempting to jump straight into business right away. However, this can be seen as rude and insincere. A little casual conversation with your guest early on will help you build a good rapport and better understand them to handle the more important conversations later on. After all, power lunches are all about fostering connections.

6. Pick up the bill with confidence

The rule is that whoever did the inviting is the host and should pay for the meal. By this point, your role as a host should be fairly clear to your guest, which will help to prevent the awkwardness of going back and forth with the billing. Casually grab the bill when it comes, continuing to talk or listen to your guest as you put your credit card in the folder.


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