Meet the Committee November: Lynda Williams

Meet the Committee November: Lynda Williams

Life & Executive Coach | Founder, Vim & Vigour & The Soothe

The Membership Committee is made up of inspiring and connected people who are a reflection of our vision for the club, a community of magnetic people who inspire a room. Not only do they act as brand ambassadors for the club, the committee has also been one of the key driving forces behind launching the club with new faces and purpose.

From sustainability to wellness, fashion to music, arts to tech,  the member committee are master of their crafts. While they each have their own story to tell, the committee is bonded by and representative of Mandala Club’s values and philosophy.

To commence our Meet the Committee feature, we sat down with Lynda Williams to find out more about her talents and traits.


I'm at my happiest when... I’ve had a good nights sleep and my batteries are fully charged!

What you might not know about me is... I used to be on the skydiving team at university and owned my own parachute (nutter).

If I weren't doing what I do, I'd... Be doing a PHD in Psychology and Human Behaviour whilst travelling the world for two years, staying in Air BnB’s and living like a local.


I can't stop listening to... Adele’s New Song, Easy on Me

I can't live without... Exercise

The book I can't put down is... Currently reading Three Women

There's nothing more annoying than... Arrogance and ignorance

The last time I laughed uncontrollably was... Last night at Rebel Rebel across the road from you. Met a newish friend and we laughed through our life stories over a bottle (or two) of rosé!

The last thing I bought and loved was... My Epic Water Bottle from Balanced Living - it filters water from the bottle as you drink it, and you can fill it up from any tap. It gets rid of 99.9% of contaminates and saves massively on plastic. I take it everywhere!

The best lyric ever is... Wise Men Say, Only Fools Rush In (Elvis Presley)

An indulgence I'd never forego is... Good Sushi