Member Spotlight January: Kim Tay

Kim Tay - Gallery Director, The Artling

I'm at my happiest when… floating in the ocean.

What you might not know about me is… that I grew up in Russia.

If I weren't doing what I do, I'd… be living a much less fulfilling life!

The book I can't put down is… The Anomaly by Hervé Le Tellier

The last thing I bought and loved was… A Frank Stella shaped jigsaw puzzle from the MoMA store, to add to my growing art-themed puzzle collection!

An indulgence I'd never forego is… weekly prata at my neighborhood coffee shop.

The most interesting ‘art person’ I’ve met is… I was in London this past October for Frieze and had the privilege of visiting Annie Morris's and Idris Khan's studios -- they're both fantastic artists in their own right, but it was great to see how they also work together as a couple with side-by-side studios and how their practices speak to each other's.

Coolest recent project I worked on… Patina Maldives in the Fari Islands, hands down. This was one of our most challenging, yet fulfilling projects to date. Not to mention that all the pieces were sourced, delivered and installed in the midst of a pandemic. We worked with some great artists from all over the world to create site-specific pieces at monumental scales for the public areas, along with specially-commissioned works for all the guest villas, all situated on an island in paradise. Check out the project here .  

What people don’t know about the art world… It’s not as intimidating as you may think! Anyone can start collecting, with any budget; there are plenty of platforms and resources to help you start on your collecting journey.

Where I see The Artling in 5 years… Our goal is to further establish ourselves as a global art and design resource and to make our sellers' pieces accessible to all types of buyers across the world; from first-time buyers to interior designers, architects or property developers. Find out more here .

At the core of Mandala Club lies connection, and in order to facilitate connections between our members we must open the opportunity of getting to know one another. So, here goes our member spotlight, a monthly feature where we ask one of our members to open up and share their stories.