Pocket Fitness: Couples Workout

There is a saying that "couples who train together, stay together". This Valentine's Day, you can put your love (and fitness) to test with our Couples Workout, designed by the Club's Wellness Director, Nathan Williams.

This is a fun and full-body workout with a couple of opportunities to get up close and personal. This workout has been designed with minimal equipment; you only need 1 or 2 single dumbbells for the whole session.

Warm-up (8 minutes)
- Walkouts
- Static lunger
- Bodyweight squats
- Jumping jacks

Complete 1 minute of each exercise and repeat x 2

Partner core circuit
A1) High five partner plank 3 x 45 seconds
A2) Prone skydivers 3 x 45 seconds
A3) Side plank reps 3 x 30 seconds
A4) Partner Leg Raise/Throw 3 x 45 seconds (YGIG*)

Complete A1+A2+A3+A4 back to back. Rest 1min and repeat x 3
*You go, I go = 1 person assists the exercise and takes a rest period while the other works.

Timed strength set
B1) Goblet Squat
B2) Single arm clean and press (right)
B3) Single arm clean and press (left)

45 seconds work every minute on the minute
Complete 3 continuous rounds (9 minutes)

4min Tabata finisher (20seconds work, 10seconds rest x 8)
Burpees (chest to floor and high knee jump)

Cool down
Finish the session with any partner stretching you can think of, and as it is Valentine’s Day, we recommend you get creative (wink wink)