Covid: The country locking down the unvaccinated

Carina, a yoga teacher in Vienna, is not vaccinated against Covid-19 and wants to remain that way.

So she is now under lockdown, like around two million other unvaccinated Austrians.

She is only allowed to leave her home for essential reasons like work or shopping for food, and is barred from cafés and restaurants. So I met her in a Vienna park, where she is allowed to take exercise.

Carina says she doesn't understand the rationale behind the lockdown and that it makes her feel sad.

"I was walking by some cafes this morning," she told me. "It's a bit strange to look inside and to know that I couldn't go in. It makes you feel really excluded, and ostracised."

"I'm one of these people that is made into the enemy," she said. "And that doesn't sit well."

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