The Committee Podcast: Chua Ee Chien & Drishti Panjwani

In our second podcast episode, we feature committee members, Chua Ee Chien and Drishti Panjwani, who became successful entrepreneurs and business owners since an early age.

Not only is Ee Chien the managing director of Whimsical Inc, the company behind restaurants Jekyll & Hyde, Graft, and the soon-to-be reopened Operation Dagger, he also heads the business development and partnerships at Endowus, Singapore's only digital investment advisor, and solutions provider covering CPF, cash, and SRS.

Psst... If you are interested to visit any of Ee Chien's restaurants, Mandala Club offers exclusive privileges for its members.

Drishti, on the other hand, manages a digital agency – For The Optic. The company seeks to use their lens to capture your vision and help you tell a story that will not only engage, inform, surprise, and inspire your audience, but also achieve measurable business goals at the same time.  

Watch the podcast video below: