Vogue: Into the Mandalaverse

Vogue: Into the Mandalaverse
Vogue feature

The Mandala Club is paving the way for its Digital Members to access the metaverse with a plethora of benefits globally. Titled Mandala Genesis 250 Pass, this first-of-its-kind digital membership will unveil Mandalaverse, a program that gives members seamless access to exclusive events and clubs worldwide.

Mandalaverse is a culmination of digital and real-life communities that are bound by a mutual interest to explore the metaverse and connect on a creative level. With its debut over Singapore’s F1 weekend, members were granted entry to private parties and green room access through an array of exclusive activations. The success of this digital membership lies in the shared intrinsic values of the community that we believe will flourish with time as the space develops.

With only 250 Digital Memberships available, we have given our members early access to the Mandalaverse and will now be opening it up to the public in 2023. Read more about our Digital Membership program in our recent feature in Vogue this past month.

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